We welcome and thank you for visiting our home on the internet. Bowling Ranch is located east of Newkirk, OK in far Northeast Kay County. The Arkansas River borders us to the West, and the Kansas state line is our Northern border. Just a few miles east of us is the Tall Grass Prairie in Osage County.

Our History
The Bowling family originated from the Manchester/Richmond Kentucky areas and migrated to Oklahoma in the early 1900’s. Levi Metcalf Bowling (1887-1953) was determined to be a member of the American Hereford Association, as well as have a son. His membership was titled L.M. Bowling and Son and dated March 1, 1904…seven years prior to the birth of his first son.

Dan Bowling (1913-2012) was the second of seven children born to Levi and Flora Bowling. Born and raised in the Kremlin/Jefferson areas, he was indoctrinated into the Hereford breed at an early age. Dan never considered any other breed of cattle until the late 1990’s when he purchased his first Red Angus bulls for crossbreeding from the Joe Waggoner Ranch at Nash, OK.

In the late 20th century when it became popular to abandon the Hereford breed, Dan maintained his loyalty and stated, “why would I get rid of Hereford cows that have been this good to me”? The sale of Hereford cattle, often supported his farming habit!


Over the course of 100 years, Bowling Hereford cattle have progressed forward, backward, sideways, etc. Levi’s herd originated with bloodlines from the historic Wyoming Hereford Ranch in 1919. From the 1960-70’s, Dan especially favored the genetics from Northern Pump Farms. During this time period some of our top producing bulls were NP Fuzzy Domino 9307 and NP McHenry 078. In that same time period, every theme and variation of “Colorado Domino” bloodlines came through our gates. Comparable females came from the Mill Iron breeding program. A Bowling Hereford ad in the Hereford Journal once read, “The Oklahoma Home of the Colorado Dominos”.

During our 30 year stretch of maintaining a commercial herd, our bull battery always originated from some of the top seedstock herds.

We believe that our cattle are fortunate to live and produce on one of Oklahoma’s most beautiful ranches.


Our Program Today

Melvin Young joined the Bowling Ranch management team in 2006, and he encouraged us to restart the registered cowherd as a way of producing bulls for our commercial herd. In order to do this, we realized
top performing bulls only originate from a strong maternal base. In 2008, we began to invest in foundation female genetics from some of the top seedstock providers within the breed. Our registered Hereford herd is rooted in the following programs: EE Ranches, Mill Creek Ranch, Holden Herefords, Upstream Ranch, Churchill Cattle Co., Jamison Herefords, Curry Herefords, and Lonker Herefords.

We also invest heavily in some of the top frozen genetics in the country, through the use of AI and Embryo Transfer. In addition to heavy AI breeding, our herd bull battery originated from Mill Creek Ranch, Upstream Ranch, Churchill Cattle Co., and Barber Ranch.


Upon seeing the merits of Red Baldies, and Red Angus commercial females, we decided that raising and producing Red Angus bulls and females is the perfect complement to Hereford genetics. Our registered Red Angus herd originated from the Lonker/Brandee dispersal in 2008. Although smaller in numbers, we’ve slowly grown our Red Angus maternal base with the same strict standards we place on our Hereford herd.

Following the trend set by Dan in the late 1990’s, we still maintain a large commercial herd of Red Angus, Hereford, Red Baldies and Black Baldies. Because of this, we strive to produce bulls for our customers with the same level of high performance and requirements we run on our own commercial herd.


2017 nwss
We were honored to have been selected as the Reserve Champion Pen-of-Three Hereford Heifers in the Winter Division at the 2017 National Western Stock Show.
2016 nwss
At the 2016 National Western Stock Show, we were selected as the Res. Grand Champion Pen-of-Three Red Angus Heifers.


We adhere to the highest discipline when it comes to selecting replacements for our herd. All of our females must be fertile, possess good dispositions, have good udders, perform well on grass, as well as constantly pass the “eye appeal” test. If they do not, we don’t keep them in the herd. We want our customers to have confidence that the bulls and females they purchase from us come from an outstanding maternal herd. Likewise, we only offer bulls that demonstrate strong performance, are easy fleshing, and possess the maternal traits that will sire outstanding commercial replacements.


We are pleased to invite you to our annual production sale, which will be held Tuesday, November 14th, 2017 at the ranch. For more information, please visit our sale page or click here to view the sale catalog.


Thank you for your interest in Bowling ranch. Visitors are welcome anytime, and please feel free to Contact us if you have any questions regarding our program.